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Well, I decided to simplify a little bit. Gone is the fully modular site, and up is just a simple page with links to the stuff that people viewed the most. You'll see the Photo Gallery link at the top left (or you can go directly there by typing into your browser), and it's been updated to show that there are NEW photos. The 'New' sign will only stay up for 14 days after I add a photo though, just so you know.

Other than that, we've moved to Warm Springs, GA. Mandy finally talked me into moving back near her family. Funny, but I think she misses the weather of the mountains more than I do.
Our emails are still the same:

Mandym (at) for Mandy, and Brian (at) for Brian
(change the (at) to @ for the emails to work)

We'd love to hear from everyone, so drop us a line sometime.